Trick Photography Tips

  When first starting out in trick photography and special effects it can be challenging at times, but there are a few tricks that can set your path straight. Though simple tricks can help you resolve the most common difficulties that you face while capturing stunning photos.

Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is just the duration of time your camera lens stays open thus allowing variable amount of light flow. Different photos require different shutter speed to look its best. In automatic mode, your camera assumes the best shutter speed for a photograph but unfortunately, it is wrong most of the time. Setting manual shutter speed which would be optimal for a particular image is a difficult task but when mastered it gives you the best results. The following aspects are to be considered when setting the shutter speed.

Motion Blur

Motion blur happens when you photograph a moving object with a slow shutter speed. The reason being, the object would move across the screen before the shutter closes thus creating a blurry image. Increasing the shutter speed will minimize the blurriness of the photo as the object moves less. On high end cameras you can set the shutter speed so high that it would make the movement unnoticeable and creates a frozen image.

Even though high shutter speed can eliminate blurriness, blurs can be very constructive aspect of a good trick photography image. It can help you to convey the speed of the object on the image. A useful trick would be to pan your camera to blur the background and give the object sharpness.

Camera Shake

No matter how steady you can hold your camera, there is always a possibility of slight shake which results in blurry images. This can be avoided by use of fast shutter speed.

Long Exposure Photography

You also need to take into account the ideal amount of light that is allowed when the shutter is open. A slow shutter speed allows more light which can result in overexposed photo whereas fast shutter speed lets in less creating dark photos. You need to choose the shutter speed so as to allow the right amount of light to pass through.

Creative Effects Using Shutter Speed

Long exposure photography tricks can help you create perfect blurred crowd shots, capture light trails of a moving vehicle and create fog like appearance of moving water. Fast shutter speed can help you create stunning frozen image of splashing water, smoke patterns, flying bird etc.

Digital filters

The human eye has a natural ability to adjust the color of the object it sees but unfortunately cameras are yet to master this. This results in images that look nothing like the real life portrayal of it. Adjusting the color balance by the use of blue or orange digital filters is one way of providing a real feel to the image. Blue filters provide cooling effect to the image whereas orange filter gives warming effect.

Use Of Negative Space

Negative space of an image is best described as an area which surrounds the object to be photographed. Most of us focus on the object so much that we forget the importance of negative space. Using the negative space appropriately can give you a whole new area to be creative. There are hundreds of tricks which can help you make the negative space give an innovative feel to the overall image. For example, when you capture a person standing on a road, blurring out the moving vehicles in the negative space can give you the feel of speed in the image, called motion blur.


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